toyota vios

Enter the beginning of the year 2016, Auto2000 noted the sedan type car sales with promising results. Recorded, Toyota Vios that occupy the highest sales for the month of January, namely 99 units or 14% of the total target.

In addition to the Toyota Vios, the car kind of sedan like the Toyota Camry recorded sales of as much as 19 units, as well as the Toyota Corolla Altis as much as 20 units. Interestingly, the Toyota Limo taxis used to achieve sales of recorded 562 units or 80% of the total target.

"In General, the sedan type car market will remain stable despite the increasing number of variants of the SUV appeared lately. This is due to the presence of different comfort felt by loyalist sedan, "bright Down Henry Kurniawan, head of the Department of communication and Digital Marketing Auto2000.

Note that the sales figures showed that car enthusiasts sedan is still quite a lot. Although the current automotive market share in Indonesia is still dominated by the car with the SUV and MPV segments.
bajaj v

Bajaj Auto to launch Bajaj India V, made of materials materials fighter INS Vikrant, ex Navy India, which officially deactivated and then auctioned off in 2014.

"After the news to dismantle the INS Vikrant comes in 2014, we decided to do something about it. Ins Vikrant is a symbol of India's military power projection and Bajaj would like to remind people, and the history of INS Vikrant was. "said Eric Vase, President of Bajaj Auto.

As a form of concern for Bajaj Auto, logo embedded on the INS Vikrant fuel tank. Bajaj V will be positioned between Bajaj Discover 150, and Pulsar 150.

Bajaj V will be produced starting February 5, cradling the engine 150 cc DTS-i. Power generated reached 11.92 Hhp and torque reaches 13 Nm.

60 watt halogen headlights, while the rear lamps using LEDs. Odo meter combination analog and digital. Front braking discs, and rear tromol.

The launch of the Suzuki Satria F150 Injection live waiting time. Although not officially launched PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) 2W, price Suzuki Satria F150 Injection had already been circulating in cyberspace.

The underbone sports will be the true opponent Honda Sonic 150 were sold at IDR 21.96 million. Reported by that the results of the interview with the suzuki mentions that "there is no Price, we are determining the right price for it. Just wait until we release the official price, "said Giri S Triatmojo as Marketing General Manager of Strategic Planning & SIS 2W.

Suzuki Satria F150 Injection changed which may range from full digital speedometer, showing parts of the indicators, such as, the position of the teeth, top speed, fuel, tachometer, and Fuel Injection.

Suzuki Satria F150 Injection is available in 5 color choices, Macho Bright Blue, Titan Black/Black-Solid Red CW, Titan Black, White, and Stronger Briliant Red.

For more information about specification and price suzuki satria f 150 injection in indonesia you can visit
Original manufacturer India, Mahindra to rock Delhi Auto Expo 2016 by launching a concept coupe crossover named XUV Aero. Designed anti mainstream and to conquer new horizons.

By Mahindra, XUV Aero called concept which has the soul of a cheetah and give urban manifestation.

At a glance, the silhouette from the side makes it look like the BMW X 6 with sloping roof line in the back. Aggressive front fascia with grille fit together and the main lights LED-design firm.

Overfender makes it seem hefty, followed the unique tailgate, rear diffuser and a dual exhaust system.

Not much is revealed by Mahindra reserved seats, but there is interior wrapped in leather, carbon fiber trim and metallic accents. The driver is presented with three cross steering, digital instrument panel and dashboard skin.

Behind the bonnetnya, mHawk engine mounted said 210 Hp and torque-rich situate drove a 0-100 km/h in less than 6 seconds. Promised to give driving pleasure, Mahindra also places an adjustable suspension in fashion Street, Sport, Race and off-road.
Suzuki engguna New Ertiga turns out could replace the headunit audio system with New Ertiga Dreza property. Installation also claimed is not difficult, because living just plug and play.

Donny Saputra, head of product development at PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) explains, the New property Ertiga Dreza headunit to be had in each dealer of Suzuki, especially those that sell spare parts. But, prepared not as original accessories.

"Installation can also be done in the workshop of the official Suzuki. But, because it's not original but rather as an accessory with the spare parts, so no warranty and will abort if the warranty applies in New Ertiga him still there, "said Donny KompasOtomotif answer questions after the Press Conference in Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta, Thursday (7/1/2016) night.

Talk price, Donny claimed to not know but who will clearly be more expensive. While the audio system for warranty given Suzuki just for one year or 20000 km.

"So later if the owners want to replace the usual Ertiga audio systems such as have New Ertiga Dreza yet to one year or 20000 km gransinya will be lost," says Donny.

The audio system on the New Ertiga Dreza is quite complete. In addition to the touch screen measuring 9 inches, also equipped Bluetooth, Voice Command, Mirroring, the Android Operating System and Audio Visual.


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